Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Stop and Think

Most people out there will tell you to work, save up for retirement, buy insurances and live frugally. All good advice but have we ever stopped to think whether or not we want the same kind of results than the persons give us the suggestions?

The above suggestions are good for those looking to have a career their entire life but it's inadequate for the entrepreneurs at heart. The above promises a somewhat safe path to retirement but really what's the point? We'll die whether or not we work for ourselves or have a career. We can't carry anything with us in the afterlife. The act of living has it's fair share of risks attached to it.

So if you are an entrepreneur, don't be surprised that the rules may be different for you. You may not be looking at living frugally as much or thinking about retirement the same way someone with a career would. That's not only okay but also expected. The rules are different for you.

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