Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Knowledge and Communication

We all have all the knowledge in the world at our fingertips but it doesn't seem to make us any better people. I would argue that having this “power” has made us more arrogant than ever. We never seem to approach communication with a spirit of understanding but rather a spirit of “I know more than you - here let me show you”.

“All great victories in life begin with a victory over self.” -Orrin Woodward

Arrogance doesn't add value: It sucks out the life of a conversation. What, then, is require for us to become better conversationalists? To me, it is clear that simply having access to all the knowledge in the world isn't enough. We must also spend the time to learn about ourselves and how to interact with others. What's the point of knowing the distance between the Earth and the Moon when we can't share this information in a spirit of understanding?

One of the best communicator to ever live was Socrates. He communicated by asking questions to not only better understand the subject himself but also share his thoughts through this approach. What better way to gain understanding than to have the communication filled with questions on both sides? It does sound better than simply sharing facts doesn't it?

Let's be more like Socrates in our conversations.

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