Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"The 5s of Money" Book Review

"The 5s of Money" book, which is part of the LIFE Leadership Personal Finance series, is a scary read for all the good reasons. It paints the picture of the current financial situation and it's quite an ugly site. There's hope, however, as the book also gives tips on how to better your finances.

The following are the 5 "s" of money (with my thoughts):
  1. The Stats (This is bad. Real Bad...)
  2. The Struggle (Oh no. Really?)
  3. The Source (Phew. There's hope!)
  4. The Solution (Yes!)
  5. The Strategy (I can do this!)
  6. The Stress (not part of the book but maybe it should of been called "6" s?)

The Bad:
It is quite short at only 100 pages. It took me about 1 hour to read cover to cover. They could of easily expand it but the book is obviously meant as an introduction to the fantastic Financial Fitness course.

The Good:
The book does a good job at painting the grim picture of today's financial crisis and why it's important for you get your finances together before it's to late. It's an easy read with tips to get you started on the path of debt freedom.

Do you want to better your finances today? Were you thinking on taking the Financial Fitness course but don't want to shell out the $150 (or so) for it? Get this book. It's the perfect introduction to debt freedom.

The book can be bought here:

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