Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Don't You Want More?

“One of life’s biggest lessons is that it’s not success that creates happiness, but what one becomes on the journey by pursuing a worthwhile goal or dream.”
-Orrin Woodward

I've been living frugally for some time now. I'm debt free, I live in a small apartment, drive a small car and I don't have many bills.

I sometime have people ask me "Don't you want more?" The answer is "yes". I do want more but, for me, It's not about better and bigger things. What I want is more freedom. I want to buy back my time.

Time is money but money is also time. If I spend my money on bigger cars, that's less money that I have to buy back my time.

I do not want to work until the day I die no matter how much I love what I do: there are other interests that I would like to fully explore.

"... You would be very upset if someone gained access to your bank account and stole all your money. Most people, though, don't blink an eye when all sorts of culprits sneak into their lives and steal their time."
-Quote from "The Ten Natural Laws" book by Hyrum Smith

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