Friday, July 10, 2015

Journey To Vancouver

Following someone leaving a project in Vancouver, the company saw fit to send me to Vancouver to act as a bridge until a permanent replacement can be found.
I currently reside in the Deep Cove area, North of Vancouver - a place filed with hiking opportunities which is, to me, it's greatest appeal. So far, I've climbed 2 mountains with incredible views. I just wish I had a better camera at this point because my old Iphone 4 just doesn't do the experience justice.

I've met a lot of nice people and found that they use the words “Finicky” and “To Be Honest” quite often in their mingling (while also calling "vacation" a "holiday"). Many Brazil students are enlisted in the local university English course during the summer season.
I've met a Brazil woman who didn't speak a single word of English and we had to use my Iphone translate app to communicate. It's my first time using this app in such a way.

The biking system, on most streets, is amazing! Something every city in Canada could learn from. Obviously, biking is very popular here but so is climbing, hiking, skiing/snowboard, boating ... most of the population here is fit.
Recycling is another thing the city does right. Everyone is encouraged to recycle and everything that can be recycled usually is.

As you may be aware already, Vancouver is a bit like California in the sense that water is becoming a problem. Rivers are low, we're currently not allowed to water the lawns and fires are spreading here and there throughout the province (obviously, camp fires are prohibited). The locals have told me that it usually rains at this time of the year.

During my stay, I haven't seen a single seagull nor pigeon but I did see many black crows. Perhaps it's because there's not as many McDonalds nearby? (Which is, as you know, the natural habitat of seagulls and pigeons)

The experience has been beneficial to me so far. While this isn't a vacation, it still feels like it because I love what I do here. I would definitely recommend you to visit this place given the chance.

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