Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Talent - Just an excuse for our lack of abilities?

I’ve got my hand on the “Talent is overrated” book by Geoff Colvin. The first few chapters challenged my thinking on “natural gift” (or talent) of an individual. I realized that when ever I would say that a person was “Talented” in a area I was actually saying “I can’t do this but he can because he was born with a gift”.

Geoff Colving used many example to demonstrate where “talent” comes from. It’s not something that someone is born with but rather something developed over a period of time through hard work.

Tiger Wood, which is considered a prodigy in golf, was an example used in his book. Earl Woods, Tiger’s father, was the influence behind Tiger’s love for the sport. Earl would practice golf for hours on end with tiger wood watching before he could even walk. At the age of 3, tiger got his first golf club and started practicing with Earl.
Is Tiger Wood talented? Of course! However, he wasn’t born with any natural gift. He worked hard to acquire the skill set he now posses.

With work/time, you too can become “talented” in the area of your choosing. Start now, time is very limited and, through aging, works against us.

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