Friday, July 6, 2012

Qualities to look for in a partner

Before you decide to start a relationship with someone consider these points (the “she” will be used but this applies to a male partner as well):

Is she accepting of other people?
Having someone that is accepting of other people remove some pressure on yourself right from the start. If she’s not accepting it won’t work.
Why? Because those who are not accepting only see negative things about other people. They will brainwash themselves into thinking that you’re not for them. They will have a list of things that they don’t like about you.

Is she working on herself mentally?
This goes with the previous point. Those who work on themselves know how hard it is to change and will be less likely to ask for other people to change.
Nobody is perfect but everybody should thrive to become the best that they can be. Is she reading? Is she religious*? Is she following a lifelong education?

*Those who practice Christianity (maybe other religion as well) have a tendency to be harder on themselves than other people. Since they compare themselves to Jesus Christ (who IS perfect and accepting of other people), they will work hard to become better for God.

Is she taking care of herself?
It’s not about looking like a model. It’s about making yourself look your best for your partner. Taking care of yourself is a good way to show that you care about your partner. It includes grooming, personal hygiene, fitness, eating right ...etc

If she goes to the gym on a regular basis and eat right, her stress level will be lower which will reduce the amount of unnecessary arguments.
If she feels good, she will make other people feel good around her.

Is she going anywhere in life?
Struggles create bigger bonds. Having goals comes with struggles. If she doesn’t have goals then chances are it will end because there’s no excitement going on and the bonds are tinning. It’s important that you go through things and solve them together.

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