Monday, November 14, 2011

The Art Of Getting Drunk

Granted this blog is a little bit out of the ordinary. You really can learn something about every situation and here’s what I’ve learned about … well … drinking.

If “loosing” control with alcohol is what you’re looking for then avoid caffeine based product before/during drinking. Why? Caffeine based products (pop/energy drink/coffee) are design to bring you “mental alertness” which is exactly what you don’t want when you drink.

The body can get rid of about 8% of alcohol per hour which means that drinking only beer, or other low % alcohol breverage, may take you while before you get drunk. A few shots usually help solve that problem for me.

If you get that “loosing control” feeling, stop drinking breverage with a high % alcohol unless you’re looking for a big hangover. To keep that feeling, simply drink a low % alcohol an hour (remember, the body gets about 8% of alcohol out of your system per hour).

Drinking a lot of water before going to sleep will help reduce your hangover. Some say that crackers also helps them with the hangover.


False myth:
-Alcohol makes better sex: This isn’t true, the only reason why the sex would be better is because it would be done with less “shyness” and both may be more daring to try new things.
-Drinking energy drink, or other caffeine based product, will bring me enough mental alertness to drive: Caffeine based product doesn’t remove the alcohol out of your system, only time does. Don’t drink and drive.

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