About Ripencil

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” -Aristotle

The secret to success is knowledge. There's no way around it. What ever you want to achieve, there will be a lesson for you to learn in order to attain it. The problem is that in today's world there's so much information that, when we are looking for it to help us on our journey, it's just noises.

Founded in 2008, under a different name, Ripencil is an attempt to cut through the noises and go straight to the point. Giving you the best information for your Finances, your Personal Development & your Well-Being. If you consider yourself a Geek, be sure to check the Geekectual site out.

We are all students in the school of life. Learning doesn't end when school does - it ends when the student is dead. Learn until the day you die.

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