Wednesday, July 12, 2023

To Have Children or Not Have Children – That is the question

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All over the world, young adults forgo having children either because they can’t afford it, they don't want the responsibility or they simply can't. It’s easy to say that you don’t want children when the possibility to conceive is still there but it will become harder in the event that you change your mind and you want to have children and you’re no longer able to have any.

I recently saw an interview that said if an adult is to regret not having children he will start feeling that way at around 45 years old – way past their prime. If we think about it, where are we in life when we’re 45? Chances are high that one, or both, of our own parents are gone and we have a much more difficult time making friends than we did during our youth. The reality of loneliness may be dawning on us hence why we may start regretting not having children. After all, if you would of had your children when you were in your 20s they would be in their mid 20s when you’re in the verge of tackling the last part of your life and they could be people to help you through the lonely years.

Having children doesn’t necessarily guarantee a relationship in your later years, however, has there’s always a possibility that the relationship with the child goes sour as humans make mistakes some of which are more difficult to forgive than others.

My sister, who works at an assisted living home, said that old people that don’t have any family are generally happier once they end up in assisted living homes. She said the reason for this is because they know nobody is going to visit them. If you don’t expect any visit then you can’t be disappointed when you don’t have any. Chances are high that they’ve found peace with their situation earlier and they’ve been able to move past it.

If it’s true that happiness comes from within, and isn’t generated by external factors, then happiness doesn’t come from whether or not you have children – in either cases you need to find happiness internally. 

Your life can be miserable with children just as much as it can be filled with happiness without having any.

Whatever you decide to do with your life is up to you and it can be fulfilling with children just as much as without it. The only difference is the work to attain that fulfillment will differ with or without children.

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