Wednesday, February 15, 2023

New Technologies And Production Expectations in The Workplace

(Image created by A.I. DALL-E)

With the A.I. revolution at our door, let us stop and ponder what implications the introduction of this new technology will have on our work life by looking at past technologies and the expectations it brought on the working individual.

The introduction of the car promised to make things easier by allowing us to reach further distances. With it, we were able to find work in areas that we couldn't go to before. Nowadays, regardless of the place that we work we\re expected to find our own way to get there and some workplaces even require a vehicle to perform the tasks.
When cellphones were introduced, it gave the workplace the opportunity to reach anyone at any given time.

What will happen when A.I. becomes mainstream?

When automation was first introduces, whether in factories or otherwise, it removed the need for many types of employees. It's not that difficult to predict that the A.I. revolution will have a similar impact in the workspace with the remaining employees expected to produce more with the help of A.I.

How can you take advantage of this change?
  • Learn everything that there's to know about A.I.
    • Deepmind, OpenAI, Anthropic seems to be the big names in A.I. technologies currently with more expected to become known in the coming months.
  • Learn how to to speak to A.I. 
  • Learn the computing language most used for A.I. programming.
    • Python seems to be the most popular computing language for A.I. currently.
  • Use what you've learned either to help in your current career or create your own business.
    • Example: Someone created a website that uses A.I. to create menu items for restaurants (See: Expect many more services like this to come out in the coming months.
We will need to adapt to A.I. the same way we've adapted to the automation in factories. Whether it means upgrading our skills, or changing our work situation entirely, remains to be seen.

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