Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Parents to Fill in the Blanks of Educations

When thinking of the educational system the general consensus is that it doesn't do enough to prepare children to be successful members of society. While I can certainly agree with this, we have to see the educational system as a stepping stone rather than an answer to education meaning that it's a start but not a complete package making the remainder, or what's missing of education, the responsibility of the parent.

Where the educational system fails most, however, is that it makes education a chore rather than something fun to do. Children aren't encouraged to learn on their own account but rather taught to listen and take in whatever is thrown at them making them passive learners rather than active ones.

Self-Improvement is, perhaps, the one skill that parents should instill upon the child. It's the responsibility of the parent to teach the child that the educational system offers basic knowledge, and college/university offers specialized knowledge, but in order to grow as a person one must take ownership of their own education beyond what is readily available via these pre-defined systems.
The difficulty here is, of course, that most parents don't consider self-improvement important themselves as they didn't learn about its importance when they went to school or from their own parents. 

There's a cycle here that must be broken which, hopefully, YOU will help break.

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