Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Dominant Specie

We started our journey off by being at the mercy of our environment and eventually evolved to be such a dominant specie that we're not only impacting climate but have also became responsible for the survival of most other species.

Is intelligent life destined to be detrimental to their environments or is this something unique to humans? If only we could compare the history of our specie with another!

What could we of done better?

For the longest time, we've underestimated the impact we've had on our surroundings. Whether it be in Ancient Rome or up until last week we have done things to the planet that isn't helping it. We wipe our butts with our forests, we use our drinkable water as a vehicle for various waste... we've evolved in such a way that we use every bit of the resources found on this planet to our advantage and making things worse, in almost every instances, in the process.

We certainly can forgive ourselves for the times that we "didn't know" yet we're slow to change when our mistakes are exposed to us.

Perhaps the most bizarre of our creation is with how we've linked nature to our economy. We MAKE money from destroying it and it COST us money to preserve/restore it. We get immediate value from cutting down a tree but it costs us to plant one even though, I would argue, the value of planting a tree has a bigger significance on our survival.

We need to take a serious look at what we've built so far and make changes in order to be less destructive to our environments.

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