Wednesday, July 6, 2022

I Forgot About Investing

I recently had a meeting with my financial advisor where we discussed my current financial situation and where I eventually wanted to be. I'm always a bit frustrated when speaking with a financial advisor as it exposes me to a world I don't know as well as I think I do. While I understand the benefits in knowing the rules of the game the complexity involve is daunting at times.

In the past, I've tried to fill the gaps by reading on the subject of finance. While it did helped me greatly, because I don't constantly use that knowledge, I forgot most of what I read. Perhaps it's time for me to pick these books up again. Two books that comes to mind right now are:
  • Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins
  • Financial Fitness by the Life Leadership Company
The most annoying part about all of this is that you pretty much don't have a choice about understanding finances because life is easier when you understand it more so than when you don't. Time for me to pick these books up again!

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