Wednesday, February 9, 2022

When Overtime Impacts Your Decisions Making Abilties

Most employee agreement type of contracts have clauses about overtime requirement. In some cases, working longer hours may help but if it occurs too frequently then the quality of the work is being sacrificed for quantity.
Jeff Bezos said in an interview that he has at least 8 hours of sleep because most of his work is about making decisions and you make better decisions while you're well rested. 

We may not be making the same types of decisions as Jeff Bezos is making but we're making decisions non the less and I'm sure they're better with a well rested mind than otherwise.

I consider myself lucky that I can count on my hands the amount of time I worked overtime where it negatively impacted my sleep as many have to go through this on a weekly basis. If this is your situation I would encourage you to look for other opportunities in your field or otherwise. If you keep doing this, in the longer term, it may have farther reaching consequences than simply negatively impacting your decisions making abilities.

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