Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Need a Reason To Walk? Play Pokemon Go!

My sister got me into Pokemon Go, again, and I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements made to the game over the years (last played in 2016). A side effect of playing Pokemon Go is that you'll heavily be enticed to go on walks because when you do you can hatch "eggs" or increase your chance of finding those little critters to add to your collection.

Obviously, this won't work for everyone but it sure did for me. I do have days when I don't feel like walking but then I look at Pokemon Go and see that I have an egg that's about to hatch in less than 1KM... That's often enough to get me to go for a quick walk. Once there, I usually end up walking for longer than I originally planned.

When it comes to personal fitness, apps like Pokemon Go may just be the little motivation you need to get started on a given day. The game is available on Android/IOS phones and is free to play. Check it out!

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