Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Who's The Sheep?

When it comes to Covid, I like to take my information from trusted sources. I've recently been told that I was a sheep for believing "everything that's on TV" related to Covid. To her, Covid was the biggest hoax of our time and designed to keep control over the population; something which she "learnt" online. Who's the biggest sheep? The person that's looking for facts or the person that looks at conspiracy theories on Youtube?

Things to consider:
  • Youtubers/Influence/Internet Celebrities' only make money based on views/subscriptions. Knowing this, it make sense that they would say, or do, what ever is necessary to increase these numbers regardless of facts and some of those idiocies are believed.
  • It's difficult for me to understand how "Sexymama_Youtube" has more credibility, to some people, than all the top scientist in the world.
  • What is there to gain in having everyone stop working and potentially going trough a recession? Who's benefiting from this? Everyone is loosing!
  • You can have a few people agree on something, some of the time, but how can you get every Government in the world to agree on a lockdown?
Recently, there's been pressure on the major social media sites to monitor, and remove, miss-information and/or information that entice violence. Whether or not we should censor these things could be a discussion of it's own but it does seem like it's necessary at this point as there's this belief that a major conspiracy is brewing. I'm not saying there are no conspiracies anywhere but I really doubt that "Sexymama_Youtube" would have all the information related to it but it is a problem because her voice has the potential to reach millions of people and we all know that lies travels faster than truth.

The best way to fight misinformation is with information but the problem is that misinformation is louder than the facts. 
Sometime I think the best way to be informed, in this information age, is to take a step back and think beyond the obvious problem. 

Some of the questions I asks myself are:
  • Why is that person sharing this information?
  • Is the person sharing the information in a position to have a credible opinion of it? 
  • What are other people, in similar credible positions, saying? 
  • Is the person sharing this information benefiting from having me think a certain way?

I would like to think that I'm pretty good at spotting facts from fiction but I get duped like everyone else on some things. Covid, however, isn't fiction - it's real and we have to do what we can to get rid of it.

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