Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Sales Traps

Always be careful with people that benefits from having you think a certain way. I have a friend who worked for "Dealership A" and every time I would talk to him he would tell me how good cars from "Dealership A" were and how better the brand of "Dealership A" were superior than other brands. 5 years into his selling careers with "Dealership A", my friend decided to switch over to "Dealership B" and when I talk to him now all the positive things that he used to say about "Dealership A" is now being said of "Dealership B".

Good salesmen believe in the product that they are selling no matter if the product is actually good or not. Salesmen benefits in having you believe certain things about the product that they are selling. This statement is true for any field where salesmen are involved.

This isn't good or bad but it is something to keep in mind when you are in the market for something. Before buying anything be sure to do your own research rather than take whatever the salesmen are telling you face to face.

Another example of this is when buying a house. Is a house a good investment? If you ask a financial adviser, a financial adviser IS a loan/insurance/investment salesman, he'll tell you that it's a great investment when the reality of it is that it's not as good of an investment as the financial adviser is telling you that it is. If you want to make it a good investment then you have to do your research.
It is a GREAT investment for who ever is giving you the loan because if you stop paying the loan they get to take the home away from you - they never loose.
You, on the other hand, can loose much if you consider that the value of the house fluctuates (2008/2009 was an especially troubled time for the house market) and that you have to pay for the upkeep of it. In the best of circumstances, you can make a profit from selling but it's often not as good as you would think when you factor in the upkeep cost.
Most people don't do market research when buying a house because they either want to just own a place to live in or because they wrongly assume that the house they bought will always go up in value.

When your money is involved you can't be too careful. Remember to be careful with those that benefit from having you think a certain way. If you do your research you'll realize that not everything that salesmen support are actually good and that you're the one loosing as a result.

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