Wednesday, February 19, 2020

My Next Books

If you're a reader than chances are you wonder which book to buy next even though you may have a hundred books that you still haven't read in your library. During such episode I asked myself which subject I should invest in and "Astrophysics" came to mind (for some reason).

My philosophy, when choosing books of a subject that is unknown to me, is to look for those that are at the top of the field and see what they have either wrote or what they've read.
If you do a search on astrophysics online chances are that the name of "Stephen Hawking" is going to come up since he's a renown astrophysicist, thinker, and author. He passed away in 2018 but luckily is books have lived on and are still widely available.

Needless to say that my choice of books was made clear to me - I ordered 2 of Stephen Hawking' earliest works (A Brief History of Time & The Universe in a Nutshell) on amazon and I can't wait to get them!

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