Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hone Your Craft

Self-Improvement is important in everything we do. It's what give us the winning edge over somebody else. Doesn't matter what job we're doing, we should learn all that there's to know about it in order to increase our value as an employee.

John Bolinder, a 36 year old CFO, joined a mail room of a microbiology testing company at the age of 22 and was promoted to CFO at the age of 28. How did he do it? He worked on improving himself by completing his MBA at the University of Utah and the rest of the company by finding solutions to the various problem they faced in the mail room and other departments.

The job we do today will be the same job we do in 5 years if we don't work on improving ourselves.

For more information on John Bolinder, see the article on the Forbes website available here.

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