Monday, November 18, 2013

Questions we should be asking about Work

"1. Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
2. Can a computer do it faster?
3. Is what I'm offering in demand in an age of abundance?"
-P.51 of "A Whole new Mind" book by Daniel H. Pink

Those overseas are becoming more and more qualified to do the type of IT work we're doing. The change might not happen tomorrow but we can't deny the fact that it's going to happen.

Daniel H. Pink went on to explain that the information age is about to give its place to the Conceptual Age.

What this means is that we'll come up with the ideas that will be worked on overseas. Ideas for a website, for example, could be thought out here and sent to India for development.

Developing the creative side of the brain as never been more important. Lets sharpen our mind now to prepare for the future.

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