Thursday, July 18, 2013

It isn’t smart to be intelligent

“… time and time again in high schools when a group of lunkheads deride a classmate who has the good sense to make the most of his educational opportunities and come out with high grades. Sometimes-and all too sadly often-the bright student is jeered at until he reaches the conclusion that it isn’t smart to be intelligent”
-P. 155 of “The Magic of thinking BIG” by David J. Swartz

"There is such a thing as people living mediocre lives. Some of them will fight you when ever they feel you’re doing something different. They don’t mind you getting ahead, they just don’t want you getting ahead of them."

Mediocrity is an hindrance to excellence and is the cancer of our society. Those who attempt to excel will be discouraged by the mediocre fellow who doesn't have enough courage to do the same.

Excellence is all that there is. Doing something without the intention to reach for the stars isn't worth doing.

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