Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Cubicle Next Door

It’s really hard to believe that society came up to this point. Where you see more your neighbor, in the next cubicle, more than your partner/best friend/family. No wonder that some try to make up for it by doing parties, or spending money in places they shouldn’t, just for the sake of having a few memories with the people they love.

Man, I’ve been blessed with awesome cubicle neighbors. That’s not a problem, it’s just annoying that I didn’t get to choose my friends.

It’s hilarious when one of them decides to quit. Everybody seems to rush to his cubicle and take the “good” mouse or chair. They look like rats who just found a big pile of cheese. I used to be like that until I started to bug managers to get the stuff that I want and I think that’s what everyone should do. Nobody knows that your mouse doesn’t work properly if you didn’t tell them.

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