Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get in the Happiness Habit

Accept responsibility for your happiness and take control of your life. Decide to make happiness a habit.
By Joel Osteen

Many people don't realize that much of the manner in which we approach life-our attitudes and our demeanor-is learned behavior. These habits have been formed by repetition throughout the years. If we've spent years focusing on what's wrong rather than what's right, then these negative patterns are going to keep us from enjoying our lives.
We acquired many of our habits from our parents or the people who were around us as we grew up. Studies tell us that negative parents raise negative children. If your parents focused more on what was wrong, living stressed-out, uptight or discouraged, there's a good possibility that you have developed some of those same negative mindsets.

-Page 79 of "Success Magazine: August 2009 (Energy to the POWER of Monavie Edition)" article written by Joel Osteen.

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